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Facilitating a mobile doctor visit and patient charting

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Have you ever wondered what your doctor is doing when they're talking to you?​ At its most simple, they're using a form to document the conversation and action next steps. 

The complexity lies in all of the types of interactions and possible outcomes. So creating a one size fits all Electronic Medical Record system (EMR) takes iteration.


I drove impact in two ways: 1) Improving the time it takes a doctor to finish their documentation. 2) Facilitating an API for video visits with major pharmacy retailers and as a result scale users beyond our mobile app.

I worked as the solo designer and later the director of product with a team of 4 to build on a design system; creating the flows and the majority of images here.



Multiple projects as full time employee


3 person design team, 15 person engineering team, and C-Suite


Product Manager, Product Designer, UX Researcher, Implementation Facilitator, Customer success, Design Operations

EMR Data Vis Vitals View.jpg

Production Environment Charting - Patient Data Vis

RxRequest Full.jpg

Production Environment - Chat Visit via API integration



Series A startup still finding the right product - market fit

Reliant is a telemedicine provider staffing over 500 doctors to facilitate video and chat visits across the US. As a Series A startup, the organization was finding its product market fit by having multiple simultaneous initiatives supported by a bespoke electronic medical records platform, an api integration platform for partners to deliver traffic and facilitate patient interactions. 

My work created integrations with large retailers and provided greater access for people to be seen via telemedicine.

Integration partner logo
Integration partner logo
Integration partner logo

Integration Partners: Logos courtesy of their respective companies



In order to reduce the time a doctor spent documenting a visit (charting) I needed to understand the end goal of their work.

At its core an EMR allows a doctor to document an interaction with a patient for record keeping. Our challenge was how do we facilitate visits via video and chat, how do we automate some of the documentation and results, and how do we drive patient traffic to our doctors.


Partnerships were critical in driving patient traffic but demanded customer service relationships and building software in tandem with external stakeholder teams. Deals were created before the solution existed. I took incoming pre-solutioned requests for potential solutions to growth problems and drove toward understanding the need or ‘why; we were solving for an end user to validate and create products that would have a better product market fit and serve the end user. 

EMR PT Chart.jpg

Production Environment - Patient Record View



Persistently asked ‘why’ to find the essential job the end user was trying to fulfill

I employed jobs to be done theory to create ‘yes and’ solutions that were more flexible and scalable. By asking why I distilled a need to a sentence that might be solved by digital and non digital solutions. I iterated fast by quickly learning the healthcare space by interviewing users, prototyping in medium fidelity, and using a test-release process over 2 week sprint cycles. I learned to not fear cutting initiatives that were not working.


Personal Impact

I drove impact in two ways:
1) Improving the time it takes a doctor to finish their documentation.
2) Facilitating an API for video visits with major pharmacy retailers and as a result scale users beyond our mobile app.

Drove our two successful integration partner launches by removing roadblocks and understanding the user problem. They included Awesome Woman (Birchbox brand) and Hy-Vee Grocery Store Pharmacies investing in combined multi million dollar initiatives served by our API integration product.

Created our ‘chat to treat’ framework and experience design from the ground up, allowing a patient to communicate with a provider and receive a prescription without talking to a doctor. 

Designed our Insurance verification integration serving as a bridge between our API and an external API to provide real time services for validating patient insurance before treatment. This replicates the complex real world office flow in a humanless digital environment. 

Developed internal HR payroll processing dashboard to manage the unique needs of providers that work contract, W2 and receive payment for shift and per-visit type permutations. The system saves weeks of work hours every month through the external API integration and calculations for payments I solely designed.


Production Environment - API image integration modal


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